Electronic equipment is often exposed to stress and mechanics that can be seriously affected. By argument it is essential to be able to guarantee that its products work in all environmental conditions.

The advantage of addressing ASD from the early stages of product design and development is that it can identify and prevent faults and errors, thus increasing reliability and safety and reducing production costs.

The laboratory has all the necessary equipment to perform the tests requested by you and is able to prepare test set-ups of various kinds, even complex, on customer specifications.

We are able to accompany you in a complete and professional manner before and during all stages of the qualification process:

  • Support for the identification of applicable rules.
  • Consulting in the design phase in order to avoid errors that are often trivial but which could delay the marketing of your products.
  • Execution, in our laboratory, of the tests required by the regulations with immediate help for the resolution of any non-conformities detected.
  • Construction of the technical file.

The laboratory includes:

  • Anecoica Room (compliance MIL461)
  • Climatic chambers (humidity, vacuum, temperature)
  • Vibration test shaker
  • Salt spray test chamber
  • Specific set-up for tests in military and aeronautical environments
  • EMC Test Area with anechoic chamber up to 18 GHz
  • Test area for electrical safety
  • Detection chain up to 26 GHz
  • Amplification chain up to 8 GHz with maximum range 200 V / m

In the aeronautical field (RTCA-DO160G) we can perform the tests for the following sections:

  • SEZ.4 – Temperature and Altitude Testing
  • SEZ.5 – Temperature Variation
  • SEZ.6 – Humidity Testing
  • SEZ.7 – Operational Shock and Crash Safety Testing
  • SEZ.8 – Vibration Testing
  • SEZ.10 – Waterproofness Testing
  • SEZ.12 – Sand and Dust Testing
  • SEZ.14 – Salt Fog Testing
  • SEZ.15 – Magnetic Effect Testing
  • SEZ.16 – Power Input Testing
  • SEZ.17 – Voltage Spike Testing
  • SEZ.18 – Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility – Power Inputs Testing
  • SEZ.19 – Induced Signal Susceptibility Testing
  • SEZ.20 – Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated and Conducted) Testing
  • SEZ.21 – Emission of Radio Frequency Energy Testing
  • SEZ.22 – Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility Testing (level 1-5 full)
  • SEZ.24 – Icing
  • SEZ.25 – Electrostatic Discharge Testing